Assiduitas Nice As Ninepence

Нарткала BAER +/+, vollzahnig, HD A, Thyroid normal

Ch. Curias Ivanhoe It Is

BAER +/+, vollzahnig, lemonfrei, HD B




Curias Ivanhoe It is

Ch. Firehouse's Powerback
Ch Perdita's Sparkling Star Ch. Perditas Right On Time
Ch. Perditas Alive and Kicking
Ch Firehouse's My One Desire Spotborne Contradiction
Ch. Gracilis Hearts On Fire
Ch. Curias You Can Call Me Candy Curias Somebody's Shadow Curias Kassi Karisma
Curias Of Old Origin
Ch. Washakie Chief As Great As Ch. Washakie Indian Sunrise
Konavlje Spot Boris

Assiduitas Nice As Ninepence

Ch. Christi Ormond Highly Diamond Fuji
Ch. Jiron von Schloss Thiergarten Ch.Checkpoint Bravo's Amadeus
Dayka von Schloß Thiergarten
Ch. Christi Ormond Everest Maxima Ch. Spotnik's Viking Victory
Ch. Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream
Ch. Assiduitas Inner Circle Ch. Nspird Hollywood Legend Ch. Monarch Snow Hill Aces High
Ch. Trailside Gold Mercedes
Assiduitas Forbidden Fruit Ch. Starlong Silver Shadow

Ch. Bibiana von der Strengliner Mühle







Mit 4 Monaten



Hündin, weiß-braun, BAER +/+

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