Some very busy days and many many kilometers on the road lay behind us, but we are now happy about a sucessful mating of our Lillit to Gem - Christi ORMOND Highly Diamond Fuji.

We are now hopefully expecting our N-litter end of July.

Learn more about this litter under "Current litter"

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Today Assiduitas Latin Lover, called Higgins, visited us with his owners and Dalmatian lady Flora. The 4 dogs had lots of fun and we enjoyed the sun - and took the chance to take some new photos of Higgins.

This young guy from our typical late bloomer line matured excellently in our opinion. Regarding his head shape (unfortunately) very mom-like, he is also in other aspects very much like his mother Lillit.
A boy with lovely substance but also elegant, with excellent angulations and a lovely topline, moving effortless and with great stride.
On top of this a calm but outgoing and bombproof character, who was not even bothered by his mom being in season for 4 days now.

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More photos to be found under Stud dogs.

Due to a short term cancellation from Finland we had to change our plans for the coming N-litter.

Find more info under "Current litter".

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Today Assiduitas Latin Lover passed his "breeding allowance test" with excellent results.

He is now availble to approved bitches.

Find more info about him under "Stud dogs". We will also take some new pics soon!


Today "Kurti" (Assiduitas Miles Ahead) visited us and we took the chance to take some pics.

Also some littermates from our M-litter have new pics at one year of age.

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