1st week

3 days old

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2 days old

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1 day old

At June 30th Loni started to give birth to unbelievable 19!! puppies with impressive average weights of almost 400g!

She had problems with incontinence and oedema in her hind legs during the last week and so we were happy for her that this should finish. Unfortunately such "overloading" leads to weak contractions sometimes and so we had to support her with all possible means. She did a great job and is a loving and caring mom. Unfortunately 7 puppies did not survive this long birth.

Our remaining 12 are vivid and strong. We have 2 males (liver spotted) and 10 girls (4 liver, 6 black).

Now we have all deserved a little rest...


b_120_80_16777215_00_images_t_1t2.jpg Master Yoda sends greetings



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