Our bitches

Current brood bitches

Loni - Assiduitas Phorbidden Phruit


mt_ignore  Amazing for Assiduitas von Reinhold's Hüsung

Former brood bitches and "retirees""

mt_ignore Luci - Assiduitas Lucilectric
mt_ignore Niah - Assiduitas Nice As Ninepence
mt_ignore Lillit - Assiduitas Inner Circle
mt_ignore Moa - Assiduitas Kiss And Tell


In memoriam

mt_ignore Ginger - Assiduitas Eccentric Echo
mt_ignore Gracie - Dallmalli Goodness Gracious at Assiduitas
mt_ignore Jana - Bibiana von der Strengliner Mühle
mt_ignore Chira - Kama vom Stiftland









She got her name from the heart-breaking sounds she made as a kitten. Moved in with 18 days she was raised by hand and was the beloved "baby" of the Dals - the massage of the stomach after feeding was their job. Although she grew up without her cat-mom, she was a great micehunter. Miu died on August, 8th, 2007 due to a tragic car accident.
mt_ignore Grobi
Grobi is a spider, strictly spoken Psalmopoeus cambridgei. She came to me in 1996 as thumbnail sized thing, over the years she has received a quite impressive size. Although she's not that popular for visitors as the Dals, she must not be missing at this site. Grobi lived until summer 2009.


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